Consultancy Services





CIR Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd has the experience and technical resources skills to provide a broad range of complete engineering consultancy services. Our design consultancy practice can facilitate timely activities that are multi-facet and financially responsive to the individual project variable functions.

Services that are representative of the groups core business include:

       Asset study & protection analysis

       Auditing and system control representation

       Authority permit design & documentation

       Claim & dispute assessment, strategies & party resolutions

       Conceptual design development

       Contract development & procurement

       Contractual & constructability modeling

       Damage & defect discovery appraisals

       Element budget management

       Equipment & handling system analysis

       Expert witnessing services

       Client third party technical representation

       Finite element analysis

       Industry development forums

       Performance of system modeling & interaction

       Pre & post element system reviews

       Procedural group presentations

       Product & system process maintenance

       Product testing and verification

       Production performance management

       Project brief engineering appraisals

       Project engineering value management review

       Specialist resource onsite representation

       Safety, stability & risk modeling

       Strategic facility feasibility planning

       Technical alternative evaluations

       Temporary systems analysis

       Tender analysis & evaluation









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